Black Magic Removal

What is spells removal and why do we need it? Simply put, sometimes we get caught up in negative energies or even intentional spells that impact our lives negatively.

When this happens, it is important to remove unwanted spells from our spiritual and energetic fields. But how do we even get into this situation in the first place? And how do we go about fixing it? 

There are spells to counteract spells, spells to remove curses or hexes, and also spells of protection that can simply create an energetic field around you to ward off any unwanted negative energy.

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Black magic spells, curses, and hexes

It is rare, but it is possible to be the victim of a psychic attack or grey or Black Magic Although some people may threaten to hex you, placing a curse on someone is not that easy! It requires skill, knowledge, experience and determination. So how would you know if you are a victim of a curse or a hex and not just happening upon a rough patch of bad luck?

A curse or a hex is specifically designed to make things go wrong for you. It is direct and persistent. The first thing you need to do is take a look to see if this is something you could actually change by making adjustments in your life. Maybe you have been losing things right and left. Before jumping to the conclusion that this is a curse, take a look at your life.

Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep deprivation can make people really scattered and forgetful. Or maybe you are overworked. Do you have a million things going on? It could be that you are trying to multitask too many things, and you are misplacing things because you are a bit overwhelmed. It’s probably not a magical attack.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have someone in your life that has a serious grievance with you because you wronged them, or they think you wronged them?
  • Does this person also happen to be a practicing witch?
  • Is there any other explanation for what keeps happening or is this the only possibility left?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then it might be time for a spell removal, or banishment, cleansing, and/or spells of protection. Typically we will know if there is something deeply wrong. We will have a lead, some (at least spiritual) evidence to support our suspicions.

A good way to be certain is to use divination to ascertain if this is a hex or some other thing going on. Getting a reading with a tarot reader or other psychic adviser can give you some information on how to proceed.